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25 Unique Travel Gifts for 2021

Unique travel gifts for 2021

After a year of travel basically coming to a halt, 2021 has been welcomed by travelers with open arms. People can now travel to faraway destinations again. And those long-awaited adventures are finally no longer dreams waiting to become reality. If you have a family member or friend who loves to travel, you will want to choose one of many unique travel gifts to give them on their next birthday or during the holiday season. There are many unique gifts for the traveler to choose from. So, consider who the gift is for and then choose the one that resonates with that person the most. All prices listed are US $ and accurate at time of posting.

25 Unique Travel Gifts for 2021

1. Catalonia Oversized Hoodie Blanket Sweatshirt

Unique travel gifts for 2021 include this oversized hoodie blanket.


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Long gone are the days of grabbing a free blanket on an airplane when flying. Everyone must now bring their own blanket on flights if they want to stay warm. This oversized hoodie blanket is the perfect unique gift for travelers. It will keep a person warm and cozy without falling off in the middle of the flight. 

2. Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody


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Every woman needs to carry a small crossbody bag with her when traveling now, so she can keep those extra items like wipes and hand sanitizer handy for use. This crossbody bag is the best option, because there are multiple pockets. Plus, the material is slash resistant to ensure no one can cut it to steal during a person’s travels. 

3. MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Mask


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Anyone who loves listening to music while they sleep will love this sleep mask with built in headphones. The inside of the mask is lined with silk for the ultimate in comfort and there are no wires to get tangled up in. Add in the fact that a quick one- or two-hour charge provides ten hours of listening to music and you have a winner for any savvy traveler! This one is a personal favorite.

4. SPECIAL MADE Collapsible Water Bottle


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Purchasing individual bottles of water while traveling can be expensive. This is why so many travelers take their own reusable water bottle with them. If you are searching for unique travel gifts, this collapsible water bottle is the perfect option. The silicone material is BPA free and hardly takes up any room in a carry-on bag or suitcase. 

5. Neck Massager Travel Pillow


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Traveling can be stressful for everyone. If you know someone who normally takes a basic travel pillow with them on the plane, you might want to consider this unique travel gift. This travel pillow works well for sleeping, but it also has a neck massager to help a person relax. It can be especially helpful if that layover is much longer than it should be. 

6. Upgraded Universal Travel Adapter


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One of the best unique travel gifts for any traveler is a universal travel adapter. No one likes to arrive in their destination and not be able to charge all their devices! This travel adapter works in more than one hundred and fifty countries. However, the best feature on the adapter is the four USB charging ports. 

7. Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount


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Long flights can be really boring, which is why so many travelers choose to watch a movie or television show on their phone. Of course, holding a phone for hours is not too appealing or comfortable. If you want to get bonus points when purchasing unique gifts for the traveler in your life, I recommend purchasing this flight phone mount. This handy item clips onto the back of the tray table and holds multiple phone sizes. It can even be angled in any direction thanks to the three hundred sixty-degree rotation. The traveler in your life will love how this unique travel gift takes their movie or television viewing to the next level. 

8. Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries


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There are so many different travel bottles for toiletries available for travelers to use. However, if you are searching for unique travel gifts, I recommend this sixteen pack that is TSA approved and leak proof. This travel bottle set includes four bottles, four jars, two spray bottles, two scoopers, one clean brush, one funnel, and one bag to keep everything organized. The condensed size means these will fit well in a carry-on, but can be thrown into a suitcase without worry of leakage too. 

9. Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places – hardcover book by National Geographic


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Out of all the unique gifts for travelers, one that will be most appreciated is a book about travel. This hardcover contains more than two hundred of the most amazing places in the world. All travelers will find themselves adding destinations to their travel bucket list after perusing this book.

10. Compression Packing Cubes for Travel


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Many travelers prefer to pack a carry-on bag for their trip and skip the checked luggage. While this is an excellent idea, it does pose a problem when it comes to the number of items they can pack. If you know a traveler that does this, and you need a few unique travel gifts for them, I recommend purchasing these compression packing cubes.  These packing cubes have zipper closures, which are easy to use. A person can simply fill the packing cubes and then zip the multiple zippers to get all the excess air out. The result is more items in less space! 

11. Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam


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Travelers now need to have travel pillows and other accessories that are washable. This travel pillow can be washed in a machine. What makes this one of the best unique travel gifts though is the fact that it comes with earplugs, eye mask, and a handy bag to carry it all. 

12. Business Travel Backpack


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Every traveler now needs to make sure they carry items like hand sanitizer and wipes in their carry-on bags. Those items require extra space and that is where this business travel backpack comes in handy. The multiple pockets are perfect for holding anything a traveler needs while they are away from home. There is even one pocket that keeps laptops safe and secure for travel. While this backpack has multiple features, the best ones include being water resistant, anti-theft, and having a USB charging port. 

13. Toupons Canvas Travel Duffel Bag


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Checking a bag at the airport is something that is almost unheard of when traveling in 2021. Many of the best unique travel gifts are all different types of carry-on bags. This canvas travel duffel bag is an excellent option, because it has multiple pockets yet is easy to carry and store. A laptop can easily be tucked inside with a person’s clothes and other travel items with room to spare. 

14. Leather Journal Notebook Gift Set with Luxury Pen


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Some travelers love to document their journeys. If you know a traveler that loves to write down all their travel adventures, this would be the perfect unique travel gift for them. The outside of the journal is leather, while the pages are made from recycled acid free unlined cotton. There are one hundred sheets of paper inside, which is plenty of space for writing down years’ worth of travel.

15. Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed


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Reading a book while on a plane or in a hotel room can be a challenge. If you are searching for unique gifts for the traveler who reads, this clip-on book light should be at the top of your list. The LED light makes it brighter than other book lights. This book light can easily be clipped onto a book or tablet and will stay on for twenty-five hours. 

16. Road Trip Planner


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So many people are choosing to plan road trips right now, which is why this is an incredible option when purchasing unique travel gifts. This book acts as a vacation planner and travel journal for all types of road trip adventures. The pages include checklists and places to write down an itinerary for as many as four trips. 

17. Travel Case Packed, Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Custom Bass Radiator


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When people travel, they usually find themselves listening to music on their headphones. They feel this is their only option, because they don’t have room in their luggage to bring their Bluetooth speaker from home. Well, I discovered this wireless mini-Bluetooth speaker when searching for unique gifts for the traveler. This Bluetooth speaker only weighs a little more than six ounces, but that size doesn’t diminish the sound that comes out when it is on. The long battery life guarantees about four hours of play time. And charging this device for a half hour will give you two more hours of listening pleasure. 

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18. 100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas – book


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Every once in a while, a traveler gets stuck when trying to plan a vacation. If you really want to give your traveling friends a gift of a lifetime, purchase this 100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas book of what to see and do in all fifty states and ten Canadian provinces. This unique travel gift will give travelers so many options that they will never need to wonder where they will head out on their next vacation ever again. 

19. riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Free Hand Drink Caddy


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Travelers are always lugging a cup of coffee around. Whether it is during early morning flights, late night flights, or in the middle of a long layover. Most of those travelers would tell you that they would love a place to store their coffee when they don’t want to hold it. Thankfully, one of the best unique travel gifts is this handy luggage travel cup holder. It simply slides over the top of most roll-on suitcase handles. Once it is in place, it will fit two coffee cups.

20. Bucket List Passport Journal

Unique travel gifts include this bucket list journal.


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Travelers who love seeing the world will love getting this bucket list passport journal as a gift. The forty-eight pages can be used to write out their bucket list, as well as details about each one as they are completed. 

21. BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow

Unique gifts for the traveler include this premium soft travel blanket and pillow.


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Taking a blanket and pillow on an airplane is not always easy, especially if they are bulky. This travel blanket and matching pillow come in a small carry-on case that makes it easy to tuck them into a carry-on bag. A person can even use the attached clip to attach it to the outside of a backpack or other bag. This is the perfect travel gift for those travelers who love to be comfortable and warm when flying. 

22. Landmass Scratch Off Map Of The World Poster

Unique gifts for the traveler for 2021 include this scratch off map of the world.


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Everyone who loves traveling will want to document where they have been over the years. This scratch off map is an excellent option, because it can be hung on the wall and seen by everyone. This is one of the unique gifts for the traveler that will last a lifetime. 

23. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung and Pixel

unique gifts for the traveler include this lens for smartphones


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No one really takes large cameras with them when they are traveling anymore, which is why most travelers love this pro lens kit for smartphones. This wide-angle lens has a rechargeable LED light and lens clip. Everything can be kept in the durable case when traveling. Anyone who uses this lens will find they can capture more background in every photograph they take. 

24. Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular

Unique gifts for the traveler include this monocular


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Bird watching, whale watching, safari adventures… These are all adventures that people take when on vacation. If you know travelers who love doing these activities, then this monocular is going to be the perfect gift. The compact design does not affect the high-quality optics either. 

25. Outdoor Pocket Blanket Picnic Mat

Unique travel gifts for 2021 include this outdoor pocket blanket.


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Travelers never know where their next adventure will take them, which is why many of them will love this picnic blanket. It’s compact when folded up and waterproof, which is perfect for picnics in the mountains or on a sandy beach.

These are twenty-five of the unique travel gifts for 2021. Each gift offers something special, which may make it difficult for you to choose which one is best for the traveler in your life. If you simply cannot choose, then I recommend picking out a few unique gifts for the traveler. Then they can tell you which one is their all-time favorite and which one took their travels to the next level. 

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