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10 Best Restaurants in Cancun

Best places to eat in Cancun, Mexico

Vacations in Cancun mean lots of time in the sun, sand, and water among other things to do. But did you also know that you can indulge in almost any type of cuisine you are craving when you are in Cancun?? It’s true! There are so many places to eat in Cancun that serve burgers, tacos, pizza, Mexican, and even Japanese dishes. You can easily choose to dine at any restaurant you start to pass by. However, we recommend the best restaurants in Cancun for the most amazing dining experiences.

10 Best Restaurants in Cancun

1. Marakame Café 

You must taste some of the best Mexican food when you are vacationing in Cancun. Thankfully, Marakame Café offers delectable quesadillas, barbacoa, and so much more. As you are eating, you will find yourself enjoying the views from this treehouse café. A brunch buffet is offered during the week with a laidback vibe. Live music can also be heard in the evenings. That music is perfect for when you want to experience authentic Cancun during your dinnertime meal.

2. Casitas

Romantic dinners are taken to the next level at Casitas at The Ritz. Your dinner will be served in a private beachfront casita. Of course, if you do not want to dine on your own, you can always grab a table out on the terrace. The menu at this best restaurant in Cancun includes lots of seafood options, as well as steaks and Mexican wines. Your servers will ensure you have everything you need when you want it. Basically, you will want this meal to continue for much longer than any other meal you eat in Cancun.

3. La Destileria

Not all the best restaurants in Cancun are considered family friendly. However, La Destileria is a family friendly place to eat in Cancun. This hidden gem offers traditional Mexican cuisine. Picky eaters will love the fact La Destileria caters to everyone’s needs when they want foods prepared a special way. When you visit La Destileria for a meal, you must taste their guacamole and margaritas. They are both the best in Cancun. And if you prefer other cocktails made with Tequila, you will love the large range of Tequila options available to you. 

4. Thai Lounge Cancun

We mentioned that you can eat all types of cuisine while vacationing in Cancun. The Thai Lounge Cancun is an excellent example of that. This is one of the best places to eat in Cancun. You will find this restaurant over at the Las Isla Shopping Village. All the tables look out over the Nichupte Lagoon. The tables are also located within huts, so you will never feel crowded amongst all the other diners when you are eating here. Most people choose to dine at this Cancun restaurant during their shopping adventures. However, we recommend adding it to your list for when you want to watch the sun setting, as you have a romantic dinner. 

5. Lorenzillo’s

When you are craving lobster in Cancun, you must venture over to Lorenzillo’s. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Cancun. Lorenzillo’s has been preparing lobster for the locals and tourists for more than thirty years now. And if you aren’t in the mood for lobster, we recommend ordering the scallops, filet mignon, or chicken parmesan. You also can’t go wrong with their desserts. The tartufo and star dessert are both worth indulging in.

Best restaurants in Cancun

6. Puerto Madero

If you are searching for places to eat in Cancun with gorgeous views, you will love Puerto Madero. This restaurant can be found within the Hotel Zone of Cancun. This is perfect if you are staying in that area and don’t want to travel too far for a bite to eat. Puerto Madero is a wonderful option for romantic dinners complete with stunning sunsets. Menu options include seafood dishes, but you can truly order anything you are craving for a special meal.

7. La Troje

La Troje is a place to eat in Cancun that can be found over at the Plaza las Americas. This restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine. That means you can get tasty pizza and pasta dishes whenever you are craving those types of meals in Cancun. This is more of a local destination in Cancun, so you won’t run into crowds when you want a quick bite to eat. The best part about dining at La Troje though is the crepes you can order for dessert.

8. La Fonda del Zancudo

There are quite a few unique places to eat in Cancun. La Fonda del Zancudo is one of them. This restaurant is actually an old, abandoned house. Most of the menu is filled with Mediterranean dishes. Dishes like empanadas and tuna tartare are served out in the courtyard. If nothing on the menu piques your interest, you can always check out the chalkboard menu with the daily specials. It is important to note that La Fonda del Zancudo is only open for dinner.

9. La Habichuela

a Habichuela has been open in the downtown area of Cancun since 1977. Therefore, it is easy to see why it would make it on this list of best restaurants in Cancun. The inside of this restaurant is filled with Maya statues and palm fronds. While you can sit inside, we recommend trying to get a table out on the garden patio. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but their cocobichuela is the most popular dish. A little dessert and Mayan coffee are the perfect ending to a meal at La Habichuela.

10. Surfin’ Burrito

Do you like to spend your time like the locals when you are on vacation? If you answered yes, then the Surfin’ Burrito must be on your list of places to eat in Cancun. There are at least a dozen different burritos to choose from and you can even build your own burrito. The menu also includes ceviche, tacos, and seafood items. It is best to get your food to go, because seating is limited at this Cancun restaurant. Just don’t forget to order a drink or two to complete your meal. 

These are the 10 best restaurants in Cancun. Each one offers foods that you will love to eat during your vacation. Plus, these places to eat in Cancun will have you experiencing the authentic ambiance this part of the world is known for.

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