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Satellite Internet Offerings in Mexico

Satellite internet offerings in Mexico - OurTravelsThruMyLens.com

Mexico, like many other countries around the world, relies on the internet. Most towns and cities have access to at least one type of internet service. But there are still numerous rural areas that can’t even access the most basic form of the internet. In recent years, satellite internet offerings Mexico have been expanding. Those new internet offerings are ensuring there is plenty of price and speed competition. This is excellent news for the consumers who are looking for the fastest speeds at the lowest price. 

There are numerous internet companies in Mexico, but they all do not supply satellite internet offerings. Most of those internet companies offer either cable, fiber, or DSL internet to many Mexican residents. However, there are three companies that have brought satellite internet offerings to Mexico.

Satellite Internet Offerings in Mexico


Hughesnet was the very first of all satellite internet offerings in Mexico. The company’s expansion into Mexico began on October 1, 2019. When this satellite internet option was announced, it was good news for everyone in the country. The locals would finally have access to high-speed internet. This even included people in rural areas who had never been able to access the internet from other companies before. 

Right now, approximately 95% of Mexico can find satellite internet coverage through Hughesnet. 

Plan Options with Hughesnet

10 GB Home Plan

The 10 GB plan is best for homes with only one or two devices. This is not the best option if you plan on streaming lots of videos, because it only offers 10 GB of high-speed data.

The cost for this service is 1499 pesos/month. 

20 GB Home Plan

The 20 GB plan is perfect for those homes that have between three and four devices in use at one time. But again, this plan is not as helpful if you want to do a lot of video streaming, thanks to the 20 GB of high-speed data. 

The cost for the 20 GB plan is 1999 pesos/month. 

30 GB Home Plan

f you watch videos on occasion and still want to have multiple devices using the internet, the 30 GB plan is one of your better options. The 30 GB of high-speed data ensures you can all be online at the same time. 

The cost for the 30 GB is currently 2399 pesos/month.

50 GB Home Plan

Homes that use the internet quite often will get the most out of Hughesnet’s 50 GB plan. The 50 GB of high-speed data will allow you to watch quite a few videos every month or be online for hours each day. 

The cost for the 50 GB plan though is much higher at 3199 pesos/month. 

All the plan prices include the monthly service charge, as well as the rental of the equipment you will require. VAT is also included. 

There is a special currently being offered by this satellite internet company in Mexico. Your 18-month contract will include a discount of 350 pesos for those months. You will also receive an additional 350 pesos discount on your very first month of service. 

Every plan Hughesnet offers includes download speeds of 25 Mbps, as well as upload speeds of 3 Mbps. The integrated Wi-Fi offers unlimited data, but there is a speed reduction once you reach your specified amount of data for the month. The good news is you do receive what is called a Bonus Extra every month. The Bonus Extra is 50 GB per month of additional data that can be used between the hours of two and eight in the morning. 

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On December 11, 2019, Viasat announced they were the second company to bring satellite internet to Mexico. While the announcement came that day, the service was not being rolled out until early 2020. This internet service gives the locals even more options, especially since this company is offering higher speeds in certain areas. 

Plan Options with Viasat

Viasat 12

The Viasat 12 home plan offers 35 GB of high-speed data every month with 12 Mbps of download speeds. The price for this plan is 999 pesos for the first three months and 1499 pesos every month after.

Viasat 50

Viasat 50 is a plan that offers 50 GB of high-speed data. The download speeds are higher in this plan at 50 Mbps. The cost for this plan is the same as the Viasat 12. Therefore, you should expect to pay 999 pesos for the first three months and 1499 pesos for each month after that.

Viasat 12 Pro

Viasat offers pro versions of both their basic plans. This is excellent news for those people who use the internet at their home quite often. This plan offers 80 GB of high-speed data each month. The download speed is the same at 12 Mbps. The charge for this plan is 1699 pesos for the first three months and 2699 pesos after that. 

Viasat 50 Pro

The Viasat 50 Pro plan offers 100 GB of high-speed data with a download speed of 50 Mbps. The cost for this plan is also 1699 pesos for the first three months and 2699 pesos every month after that. 

Viasat’s satellite internet is not available everywhere in Mexico. Both Viasat 12 plans are available in most areas of the country with the exception of Oaxaca and Chiapas. In those two areas, you will discover the plans are only available in certain neighborhoods. 

As for the Viasat 50 plans, those are currently available in Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelos, Estado de Mexico, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Michoacán, Jalisco, and Chihuahua. 

Starlink is the newest of the satellite internet offerings in Mexico. In fact, this satellite internet option is so new it is not yet even available in most of Mexico. Right now, Starlink is offering a beta mode to certain people around the world. While in this mode, users are seeing data speeds between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps. The best news about this satellite internet is it will be available in all areas where internet was not possible in the past. 

Currently, you can order your Starlink satellite internet package if you live in certain areas of Mexico City. There is only one plan for Starlink and it doesn’t have a name. That plan offers unlimited data and download speeds between 50 and 150 Mbps. 

The cost for the Starlink plan is 2032 pesos per month. 

There is a one-time equipment fee of 10243 pesos for this satellite internet service. It is important to note that the satellite signal for this internet offering in Mexico can be unreliable if you live in an area with a lot of trees and buildings. 

These are the three satellite internet offerings Mexico. While they are not all available as of yet, you still have two excellent options to choose from. Of course, where you live will be a determining factor of which satellite internet provider you use, since all the companies have not expanded throughout the entire country. 

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