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Top Water Sports in Fort Lauderdale

Waters sports in Fort Lauderdale includes jet skiing

The sunny skies, sparkling warm water of the ocean, and soft sandy beaches will welcome you to your vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Your time is this vibrant city can be spent exploring local neighborhoods. Or it can be spent down at the beach, as you embrace being in the ocean. Most people choose the latter, because of the incredible water sports that are available. If you are thinking you want to be in the water, you must consider the top water sports in Fort Lauderdale. 

Top Water Sports in Fort Lauderdale


Snorkeling is an excellent way to swim in the ocean and check out the marine life. While visiting Fort Lauderdale, you will discover you are where the Florida Reef is located. This reef is the third largest barrier reef in the world. So, you know the marine life will be plentiful! 

There are multiple Fort Lauderdale snorkeling trips for you to choose from. During your snorkeling adventure, you may see manmade sights or shipwrecks in addition to the marine life. It is all dependent on the tour group you go out with. 

The best snorkeling spots in Fort Lauderdale include Vista Park Reef, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Hollywood North Beach, and Twin Ledges. Advanced snorkeling areas include the Ken Vitale Memorial and SS Copenhagen. 

Jet Skiing

If you are trying to be out in the water without actually being in the water, jet skiing is the most popular option. This top water sport in Fort Lauderdale will have you climbing onto a jet ski and riding out into the ocean. There are a few different areas to go jet skiing in Fort Lauderdale. Each one has a jet ski rental location nearby to make it easier to get out onto the water. 

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One of the top water sports in Fort Lauderdale will have you experiencing the city from a different vantage point. Parasailing will have you soaring high above the water after a short boat ride out onto the ocean. You can parasail on your own or you can go out with another person. Just make sure you keep your eyes open, so you don’t miss a minute of what is below you!

Boat Rides

Heading out on a boat is one of the best ways to relax on the water in Fort Lauderdale. You can rent a boat on your own or take one of the many different boat tours. One of the best things about boat rides in Fort Lauderdale is there are dozens of places to visit. You can choose to take a boat down the canals, out into the ocean, or onto any of the Intracoastal Waterways. You may even decide to venture into the Everglades. 


Kayaking in the canals is an excellent way to spend time on the water. This is one of the top water sports in Fort Lauderdale, especially if you want to see dolphins and manatees. It is best to kayak in the canals. The water is much gentler compared to the waves out in the ocean. Simply choose canals that are known to always have marine life swimming around! 

Scuba Diving

Water sports in Fort Lauderdale includes some of the best scuba diving in the United States.

Scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale is one of the best water sports in the area. When you decide you want to scuba dive in this area, you can choose from multiple types of dive sites. Some dive sites are closer to the shoreline, while others mean taking a boat ride out to the location. One of the favorite scuba diving options is night diving. It is recommended you choose that option if you are looking for the most popular water sport activity in Fort Lauderdale. 

The top scuba diving locations include Tenneco Towers, Jay Scutti, Barracuda Reef, and Hog Heaven.


One of the best places to kite surf in Fort Lauderdale is Tiki Beach. This area is at the southern end of the public beach. It is important that you utilize the launch corridor when kitesurfing. Another requirement is staying at least one hundred yards outside the buoyed swimming area. This will ensure you hold an edge upwind. 

If you have never gone kitesurfing before, you can always take lessons when you are in Fort Lauderdale. 

Shark Diving

One of the most intense top water sports in Fort Lauderdale isn’t really in the area. You must drive approximately one hour if you are interested in shark diving. There are always sharks off the east coast of Florida. Some shark diving trips allow you to free dive, while others have you safely inside a cage. It is all dependent on the sharks you will be spotting during your adventure. 

The sharks seen the most when shark diving in this area include great hammerhead, tiger, bull, blacktip, and reef. 

If you are not interested in getting that close to the sharks, but want to see them, you have another option. You can easily take a boat ride out to where the sharks are swimming around and watch them from the comfort of the boat. 


Surfing is high on the list of top water sports in Fort Lauderdale. While you can easily grab your surfboard and catch a wave anywhere on the beach, there is another option. Powered surfboards can now be rented in some areas near the water. These surfboards will ensure you experience the best surfing possible on the east coast. Plus, the speed of the board will give you an adrenaline rush!

These are the top water sports in Fort Lauderdale. Each one offers an excellent way to spend time out in the water. Only you know which options will take your vacation in Fort Lauderdale to the next level. So, choose your water sport activities wisely and experience this beautiful area in the best way possible

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