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Gorpcore Clothing

Gorpcore clothing young man wearing all-weather jacket

Gorpcore clothing isn’t some new fashion trend. Outdoor enthusiasts have been wearing this type of clothing for years. If you have never heard of Gorpcore, let me explain. It is a term that describes clothes that are necessary for a dry and comfortable outdoor experience. Think hiking, skiing, or even exploring new destinations in inclement weather. 

What is Gorpcore Clothing?

All Gorpcore clothing is available in numerous colors. Some of those colors are bright, while the others are not. Most of this outdoor clothing and gear lean towards the brighter side. This includes bright reds, pinks, blues, and greens. However, the clothing is also available in more neutral and earth tone colors. 

Gorpcore clothing is also designed to be big. The larger size is what allows outdoor enthusiasts like yourself to be able to move around easily. Plus, Gorpcore clothing is designed to be layered. Therefore, bigger sizes are needed for other items to be worn underneath the outer layers. 

Think puffer coats over fleece. Or long-sleeved shirts followed by fleece and then a coat. 

The last feature you need to know about this clothing style is they have drawstrings. Those drawstrings are on clothing, and shoes. They are used to loosen or tighten shoes or garments for the ultimate in comfort. 

In case you are curious, the name Gorpcore came from the phrase, “good ol’ raisins and peanuts”. That phrase describes trail mix, which is the favorite snack for people who are out on the hiking trails. The term Gorpcore was created back in 2017 by Jason Chen, who was The Cut’s fashion editor. 

Chen saw this fashion trend on the streets of New York City. People were out wearing layers of clothing, despite being on the city streets and only being out to grab a cup of coffee on a nice day. 

Who Makes Gorpcore Clothing? 

All the top brands have jumped on the Gorpcore bandwagon. A few of the top brands include Arc’Teryz, Columbia, North Face, Patagonia, Salomon, and Snow Peak. 

The Gorpcore Clothing Layers

Breathable T-Shirts

All Gorpcore t-shirts are usually made from synthetic materials. They can be short or long sleeved. 

Big Trousers

Gorpcore trousers are roomy and straight legged. They have tons of pockets, which were added so you could carry any gear you need with you. 

Cargo shorts are another option for those warmer days when pants are not needed. They also have the pockets many people desire to hold their gear. 

Fleece Layers

Fleece layers are designed to act as a middle layer. Fleece is never worn as a top layer for the Gorpcore look. So, wear it in between layers to keep you warm and stylish. 

Rain Jacket 

A rain jacket can be the top layer for your Gorpcore look. However, you can feel free to add more layers on top of this one, depending on the activity you are doing. 

If you don’t want to wear a rain jacket, a poncho is another option for the Gorpcore look. 

Puffer Jackets

The top layer for Gorpcore clothing is always going to be the puffer jacket. It will be your go-to coat for any outdoor activities. A stroll around the neighborhood with the dog. A hike to the summit of a mountain. Or a stroll around the countryside in Ireland. No matter where you are, your puffer jacket will be your best friend. 


Backpacks are necessary for lugging around your gear, despite all the pockets in your Gorpcore trousers. Grab a roomy backpack that will complete the look you are going for.

Socks and Shoes 

Thick socks that stick out from the top of hiking boots are also necessary for completing the Gorpcore look. Make sure both the socks and hiking boots are comfortable. Failure to do so will defeat the comfort style you are trying to achieve. 

What Creates the Gorpcore Look? 

Gorpcore has been designed to allow you to go from wearing it on the streets to wearing it up in the mountains. There is no need to switch clothing between activities when you choose to wear Gorpcore. 

The functional look of Gorpcore clothing matches well with the stylish look you may be going for. 

Creating the Gorpcore look is as simple as using the 3Ls. The 3Ls are logo, layering, and loose-fitting pieces. 

The brands that create this type of clothing always make their logo quite visible. As for layering, it is key, because when you are outside, you must be prepared for any type of weather. And as I mentioned above, loose-fitting pieces are necessary to accommodate all the layers, plus be able to move comfortably at the same time. 

If you have been walking around seeing people in multiple layers and was wondering what the style was, you now know it is Gorpcore. You will want to incorporate Gorpcore clothing into your lifestyle, especially if you are like me and spend a lot of time outdoors while traveling. 

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