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7 Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

Vanuatu - Photo by Monika MG on Unsplash

Many of the tourists have never heard about this nature’s paradise. The nation comprises of the mesmerizing landscape, stunning untouched water, pluralistic culture, hospitable people, active volcanoes, pleasant seafood, and probably the only underwater post office. Much of the area is untapped, which makes it exciting and full of thrill. An add-on is that it has been voted as one of the happiest countries on the globe for consecutive years. Let’s stride a ride at the seven vital reasons to explore this nature’s bounty. 

  1. Vanuatu Deep Rooted Culture

A country that takes pride in its cultural norms is a rare sight in the Pacific islands. The cultural values that are seen in every corner and stories that are yet to be heard and relished. There are several cultural villages on a variety of islands. A trip down the lane to the villages will have an idea of the cultural norms and rich traditions. The people belonging to Melanesian descent are much expressive about their heritage, culture, and ancestries.  

2. Hospitable and Generous People 

Ni-Vanuatu, the people of Vanuatu, are the typical island residents and share the attributes of the islanders. Happy-go-lucky, merry, welcoming, tranquil, with 24/7 broad smiles on their faces. These people are always ready to help the visitors and their hospitality is exemplary. From a taxi driver to the receptionist in the hotels, everyone would be interested to have a small pleasant chat and greet like they receive any relative or peer. Their happiness is an inspiring and infectious one and would act as a magnet for you to sustain your stay. 

3. The 4th Happiest Country in the World. 

Previously topping the list of the happiest county on the globe, it currently stands as the fourth happiest country on the World Happiness Index. No wonder with such fascinating views, welcoming atmosphere, and paradise views, how can one not stay happy and joyous, giving it another reason to visit and plan a long stay.   

4. The Sea Adventures of Vanuatu 

The sea encompasses the unparalleled marvels of nature, with thrill and adventure alongside. Be it underwater diving, snorkeling, water surfing, sailing, and kayaking, the country has it all, that too on one of the enthralling beautiful water. It has undoubtedly one of the best diving spots in the world, as the adventure-seekers have scuba dive in shipwrecks and explore old World War II spots including the renowned Million Dollar Point. With underwater diving, one can experience the breathtaking coral reefs and diversity of fish species. 

5. Feast on the local cuisines 

The country has one of the delightful fresh produce in the South Pacific region. Apart from the seafood, which it is eminent for, there is a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally available in the market at cheap rates. The country is the home to the acclaimed chocolate, which is produced throughout the extensive islands, with distinct and scrumptious flavors. Tourists visiting the Pacific regions have had heard of Kava, which is a pleasant local drink in Pacific archipelago countries. The Kava is the strongest and pleasant in Vanuatu. 

6. Active Volcanoes to stun you

One of the active volcanoes of the Pacific region to astonish you as you get nearby. It gives you a chance to feel the heat, experiences the aroma of Sulphur, and see the pouring eruption, that too with the naked eyes. That’s the best part as no binoculars are needed and there is a crystal view of nature’s sensation. All you need is the mask, protective helmet, and googles for your safety.

7. A touch of romance 

A picturesque sea-facing location, astonishing sunset, and delicacies are the perfect ingredients for a romantic gateway. There are several resorts down the Efate’s coastline, with a handful of mesmeric properties adding up to the lovely feeling. The resort culture is grandeur, with Havannah bungalows having private pools and Erakor Island Resort, notable for some private champagne picnics.  

The range of reasons mentioned above makes it a complete package to not only travel and explore but to settle permanently to live a happy life. For the process of Immigration To Vanuatu, visit and apply now at VIMB.vu. The process of Vanuatu Immigration and Citizenship is made easy and hassle-free with the official designated agents of the government, with a global network of authorized offices and representatives. 

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