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Benefits of American Express Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance is like any other insurance. You only need it if something happens. Things happen.

Whenever you are booking a segment of your trip, you often want to get effective travel insurance to secure your adventure. Certainly, buying travel insurance is always a good idea to consider. Especially, when you are planning something expensive and big. But do you know American Express Travel insurance which is offering great American Express benefits to its consumers? It is providing some significant features and benefits to the users. It brings exciting coverage. However, do you want to know the details of the amazing benefits of American Express insurance? Have a look at the details given below in this regard.

American Express travel insurance

American Express is one of the oldest insurance institutions in the world. It offers people its traveler’s checks and credit cards which are known commonly. However, most people don’t know that it also offers American Express Travel Insurance. It clearly means travelers can get an amazing opportunity to enjoy American Express Benefits. However, if you are a cardholder then you can easily get travel insurance with a combination of other services. Most interestingly, you can also buy travel insurance which American express offers on its own. It is not necessary to be a cardholder to get the benefits of American Express travel insurance.

Even more, American express travel insurance is a name that millions of people are trusting at the present time. Amazing travel insurance options which American Express is offering can provide a good opportunity to make a choice for travelers. There are multiple benefits of American Express travel insurance which can double the enjoyment of your adventurous trip with ease.

Benefits of American Express Travel insurance

Do you want to know how American Express Travel insurance can benefit you? Well, here we have amazing benefits with some key features of this amazing travel insurance offer. Knowing these benefits will certainly help you to make an effective decision in the best possible way. So, here we go:

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American Express offers flexible travel insurance plans

When it comes to finding the best travel insurance then you surely want to enjoy the one which comes with more flexible plans. Luckily, American express travel insurance can let you find what you actually want. You can easily choose the plans as per your needs. American Express is not only offering flexible insurance plans for its cardholders but you can also enjoy its benefits independently.

Although their plans are not categorized properly. But US users can enjoy an amazing benefit of choosing any pre-built package or can create their own plan. This is extremely flexible. On a lighter note, American Express has something to offer for any type of traveler. Whether you are the one who needs a simple and affordable coverage for your short trip? Or are you a frequent flyer who wants to have a tricky combination to meet your unique needs? You can find it all here with ease.

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American Express offers easy and well-organized packages

Well, the basic packages of American insurance plans are all about to give you peace of mind. It comes up with moderate coverage of some essential offers including trip cancelation or flight delay, etc. Even more, the costs of these travel plans can make it effective even for frugal adventurers. However, when it comes to cardholder packages then you can double or triple the benefits of your travel insurance with ease. It is because whether it is a silver card, gold card or platinum you can easily enjoy the best plans here.

Although the costs of these packages are higher than the basic ones but you can never avoid the benefits. Whether these are American express gold card benefits or silver card benefits, every plan has something unique to offer you. However, the platinum card package can excel in every single coverage level. This can make it a perfect choice for the ones who are looking for the broadest protection. Well, undoubtedly, the American Express insurance plans are all about peace of mind, protection, and reassurance.

You can also get benefits from domestic travel insurance coverage

American express travel insurance is not only beneficial for international travel. But it can provide you amazing benefits on your domestic trips too. This insurance will cover the loss of your deposit and cancelation charges. Even more, it will also cover luggage loss, vehicle rental excesses or delayed expenses, travel documents loss or personal effects, etc. However, keep in mind the fact that this insurance plan also comes up with exclusions which you must know too.

Car rental damage and loss insurance

Couple with car insurance provide by their travel insurance by American Express Travel Insurance.

This benefit is for car holders. This option will cover auto damage or theft on rental cars as long as the rent will be charged to a credit card. However, there exists a maximum amount per rental will be applied for different card types. However, keep in mind the fact that this will not cover any damage or loss which driver’s illegal operation has caused. Even more, the benefit will only cover auto rentals up to 30 consecutive days. However, must read the policy to understand which vehicles are included in this policy.

Baggage insurance

Have you lost your luggage and you are holding American Express card with travel insurance? So, you are allowed to receive compensation along with what you have received from the carrier. The people who are using American Express cards can cover their luggage loss with this offer with ease. However, this is a secondary policy that will let you get benefits after you have received compensation from the carrier. Fortunately, the high-end cards come with more coverage but the basic cards are also offering decent coverage for this. Even more, the maximum payout for every covered person will be $3,000 maximum for every card.

Travel Medical Assistance

This travel insurance plan can also help the covered members and cardholders to get medical assistance. You can access emergency medical transportation if you get injured or sick on your same itinerary. Even if it is necessary to get medical evocation then the hotline will provide it free of cost. However, this condition is applicable for starting 90 days only.

New coverage options for upcoming changes

Along with the above-mentioned amazing benefits of this travel insurance, you can also enjoy new benefits. These benefits will start on 1st January 2020.

Trip delay insurance

This benefit will be available for the flights by American Airlines or any other you have booked with American Express card. Even more, flights booked with membership reward points can also let you enjoy this benefit. However, you can enjoy this benefit for the trip which is less than a year long. While the benefits of the trip delay feature will depend on the card type.

Trip interruption or cancellation insurance

This amazing feature will repay non-refundable round-trip tickets which you have booked with your card or membership points. However, there must be a valid reason behind this to get compensation.

American Express Travel insurance is one of the most trusted options which most of the travelers are using. Most interestingly, it is also adding some new American express benefits for the users. It is absolutely nice to see the addition of the following two benefits with AmEx. However, to enjoy more protection focus on earning more points and enjoy more amazing options with ease. 

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