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5 Best Travel Insurance Plans in USA 2020

best travel insurance for usa

Jetting off from one destination to another is one of the best parts when it comes to travel, but are you prepared with the best travel insurance for USA if something goes wrong?  Without the best visitor insurance in USA, you could lose out on thousands of dollars in expenses if your trip is cancelled for any reason.  Therefore, it is very important that you look into travel insurance USA, so you can avoid a catastrophe like that.  When you are doing a little investigating for travel insurance USA compare, you may want to consider travel insurance for foreigners in USA with all the others you are considering.

5 Best Travel Insurance Plans in USA 2020

1. World Nomads

As you are considering the best travel insurance for USA, we highly recommend looking into World Nomads.  This travel insurance USA offers an incredible plan for both medical and trip insurance with no deductible.  Depending on the plan you choose, Standard or Explorer, you can have coverage that includes all types of adventurous activities.  Therefore, it is important to know what you are doing during your vacations, so you can choose the plan that will fit your needs the best.  

As an FYI, you will definitely want to spring for the Explorer plan if you plan on doing one of more than one hundred different activities like cliff diving, rock climbing, skydiving, and more that are only covered under that plan.  

One of the best things about this best visitor insurance in USA is you can submit a claim online, or over the phone, at any time of the day or night.  That means you can access answers to your questions, and get help, whenever you need it the most.  

When you are comparing different travel insurance USA, you will find that they all have a pre-existing medical condition exclusion.  World Nomads is the most lenient of them all, because they only have a ninety-day time period for most pre-existing conditions.  It is important that you understand the exclusions only apply to emergency medical treatment, trip interruption, and trip cancellations.  However, that same exclusion would still allow you to be evacuated quickly at no cost or have your remains flown home if the worst-case scenario happens.

travel insurance usa compare

2. Atlas Travel Agency

Atlas Travel Insurance is a travel insurance USA compare option that is associated with Tokio Marine HCC.  This best travel insurance for USA has two different plans and they are Atlas Travel and Atlas Premium.  Each plan offers the same type of benefits, but the premium option offers higher coverage amounts.  

These two travel insurance USA plans only cover everything medical related, as well as travel delays, trip interruptions, and loss of baggage.  However, these best visitor insurance in USA plans do not cover trip cancellation.  That means a separate trip insurance must be purchased for a cancellation and it can be through Atlas or another travel insurance USA group.  

It is important to note that the coverage offered through Atlas decreases due to a traveler’s age.  Seniors up to the age of seventy-nine can find some excellent maximum coverage options, but anyone over that age will see a major decrease in the amount they are covered for.  

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3. IMG

IMG is another one of the best travel insurance companies for people in the USA.  They currently offer three different travel insurance USA plans, but they all focus on travel insurance and not travel medical insurance.  The three plans include iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, and iTravelInsured Travel LX.  The first one is the basic plan, but it offers some of the best travel insurance for foreigners and locals in USA.  Imagine having coverage that includes more than one hundred percent coverage for trip interruptions, up to twenty-five thousand dollars for trip cancellation, and one hundred thousand dollars for accident and illness expenses.  

Anyone who requires more travel medical insurance will want to consider another travel insurance USA plan through IMG.  Those plans will allow you to choose how much coverage you want and how high of a deductible you want to pay if you need to use it.  The most popular IMG medical insurance plan is Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, so you may want to look at it with other travel insurance USA plans to compare them all. 

4. Travelex Insurance

One of the best travel insurance plans for USA when you are traveling with kids is Travelex Insurance.  When you are comparing travel insurance USA plans, you will discover that this is one of the few that covers children under the age of eighteen when they are traveling with an adult who is covered under the same policy.  

Travelex Insurance offers two different plans, Basic and Travel Select.  They both offer the same coverage, but the select plan offers more coverage if something goes wrong.  Most travelers like yourself will choose the select plan, because the coverage for the basic plan is extremely low.  The extra money you pay for the select plan though will even out since you will not need to pay for any child under the age of eighteen.

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5. Insure My Trip

When you go to do a few travel insurance USA comparisons, you may want to take the easy way out and have a company like Insure My Trip do it for you.  This travel insurance service partners with more than twenty different insurance providers, so they can find you the one that matches your needs the most.  

All you need to do is check out their website and you can compare multiple best travel insurance for USA plans at once.  Plus, with Insure My Trip’s best-price guarantee, you can book through them and never worry about the possibility of getting a better price anywhere else.  Senior travelers will even find the best travel insurance USA plans through this service, so they can see the world and have the coverage they need when they are away from home.  

When a claim is necessary, all you need to do is work with the staff at Insure My Trip when filling out the paperwork.  This saves you time, because you won’t need to track down the contact information for the insurance provider your insurance.

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