Bonito Bowl brings great Hawaiian Dining to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

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One of my regular dining spots in Puerto Escondido is Bonito Bowl, which is a relative newcomer to the Puerto Escondido scene. Located in the Rinconada section near Playa Carrizalillo, the owner Andrea created this cool-vibe restaurant featuring Poke Bowls and other Hawaiian fare.

The restaurant includes some indoor as well as patio seating. The vibe is very cool with the lights and modern music always playing in the background. The place is usually filled with young surfers and beach goers returning hungry from Playa Carrizalillo. 

Bonito Bowl Restaurant in Puerto Escondido
Bonito Bowl - street view
Bonito Bowl Display Menu
Street Menu

My girlfriend and I dine here often because the food is always fresh, healthy and tasty. Andrea, a Mexico City native, caters the whole spectrum from carnivores to vegans with chicken, fish and vegetarian bowls.

I usually get the standard Poke Bowl with raw tuna pictured below. My girlfriend went with Curry Verde Thai with chicken this evening. The food is served with chopsticks, and you have choices of a ginger sauce dressing or soy sauce. Every bite is delicious.

Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl (Tuna)
Bonito Bowl Menu
Bonito Bowl Menu
Curry Verde Thai Chicken
Curry Verde Thai with chicken

Everything on the menu is fresh, and everything is great. Andrea makes sure she and her staff use the freshest ingredients and it’s consistently a great value. See the prices on the menu (in Mexican pesos).