Capt Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure

If you visit Virginia Beach, you should check out Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure . Its one of the fun stuff to do in VB with your family, specially if you have little kids, they will surely never forget this exciting experience, of being aboard on the Lost Pearl.

PhotobucketAbove is the Lost Pearl, sailing on the blue seas of Virginia Beach, caught by my camera from our hotel room on one early morning.  Its an hour trip of fun, so its worth every penny you pay for! Not to mention the beautiful view of Virginia Beach from the Ocean, and the dolphin watching are a must see!

It cost $26 for adult, Children (ages 3-15) is  $22, and 2 below is FREE.

My Mateys had so much fun, they wanted to ride it again, but sad to say, we booked the last trip, and it was already dark when we got off the ship.

And Below are my Mateys, ready to look for treasures that were stolen by Black BearedPhotobucket

PhotobucketPosing before we sail.

First thing to do is Face Painting for Pirates Wannabe. My kuya was saying Arrrr….Photobucket

Photos below shows Kids gathered on the deck to listen to the story about the Pirate Black Beared, who stole the treasures. So its not just about sailing the Lost Pearl, but the kids get the chance to act like real Pirates. The crew of the Lost Pearl have a special show where the kids can participate and have so much fun, while the mommies and daddies listen to their fascinating stories and drama.


 They also have other fun activities like searching for the Pirate Black Beard, and shoot him with the water canon, as shown below. The kids also dance the limbo after defeating Black beard and retrieving the Treasures. Each kid had the chance to pick their treasures in the treasure box. Photobucket

Photobucket And here we are.. saying.. ARRrrrrr

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    36 thoughts on “Capt Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventure

    1. Adin B

      I bet my little boy would enjoy this trip if we get to go. He loves watching Jack and the Never Land Pirates show so he might enjoy it. hehehe.. Those are some fun photos, mommy. :) Thanks for sharing! Visit via last week’s TT entry.

    2. Travelholic

      Nice escapade kaayo Emz! Akong bana gani, sa entrance fee sa mga adtoanan mangunot iyang agtang kay mahal kaayo. Lol. Basta over $20 na gani, mahalan na jud mi. Hahaha. Pero basta nindot, huna-hunaaon nalang nga di mabayran ang kalipay! :D Like this adventure of yours ba– nice jud!

      Up na ang TT this week, don’t forget! ;-)

    3. amiableamy

      Awesome pirates in there Emzkie hahaha. I really wanted to visit Virginia Beach….soon I guess. I am returning your visit:-) see yah again.

    4. Explorerminded

      balik ko dire Emz for TT…:) sos, mahal lagi ning mga ingon ani ba…pero sige lang kay sulit man sad…unsaon nalang kaha ug 5 atong anak…agoy, maria mercedes…ang fee atimana..nya mangaon pa…ayay, makapobre ning america pag daghan ug anak…ehehehe!

    5. Deli

      This is so neat :) It gives us ideas as well, what strategies to use to teach children thru fun things, using games, story telling, etc :) Cool family photo :)

    6. michi

      wow! looks fun and adventure. i’m sure tuwang-tuwa kids mo and ganda din ng pictures. =) visiting back from TT.

    7. Shydub

      ni tutuk jd ko ug ayo sa hat mami emz ky mura ug photoshop hehehehe. nice vacay, ka sexy ni momma. when did you went to virgina beach? i wish we can visit this place, i miss beach bahala walay pirate hehehe

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